Paul Green, Northern France

“I wanted to grow EUCALYPTUS trees in Northern France (Brittany area). I searched the web for seed retailers and took advice from those that had already succeeded in our area. I had tried another company’s seeds but despite protection and care, these failed.

I contacted Australian Widflower Seeds for advice and to my great surprise 2 packets arrived within a week with a letter explaining where I had perhaps gone wrong.

I must say that if all businesses were conducted in this manner and with with this degree of quality the world would not be in any sort of recession. I really did not think that service existed today as it certainly does NOT in France, where the customer is always wrong and the retailer is always in the right.

Well done Australia and well done Australian Wildflower Seeds. I will do my best to get things right this time and I will BUY from your company again.    (Ed.  He did buy more seeds from us and had success with those also!)


Kind Words (Cards & Gifts), Macksville, NSW

… 12 out of 10 for service! The order (placed 4 Feb 2013 and despatched same day) arrived in Macksville this morning (8 Feb) and I sold the first Gift Folder as I was unpacking the parcel on the counter. The packets fit into a 3 x 4  acrylic display and really brighten up the counter. … looking forward to an early re-order.

David Hall, Proprietor.


Aspects of Kings Park Souvenirs & Gifts

Aspects of Kings Park is pleased to have stocked Australian Wildflower Seeds since 2004. Our sales to tourists and local people alike reflects a strong interest in the beauty and uniqueness of Australia’s amazing array of wildflowers.

Tim Langdon

Native Growth Nurseries

Australian Wildflower Seeds are very popular with our customers. We recommend them highly.

Judi James

Coober Pedy, S.A.

Note received advising our Sturt Pea seeds sell well from her shop in Coober Pedy and with recent rains (at that time), Sturt Pea is growing and blooming well in that area.

Tony Buck

Greywell, Hants, UK

Faxed us to say that the Kangaroo Paw seeds purchased at Chelsea Flower Show have grown well and flowered (in June), raised exclusively in their greenhouse. Caused much interest among friends.