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    Springtime - It’s Wildflower Tourist Season in Western Australia

    Attention Retailers: Time to top up your stocks of our Australian wildflower seed packets. Visitors from interstate & overseas will be looking for souvenir packets of seeds…
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    It’s Autumn – Time to Sow Seeds ... in Winter too, in milder regions

    Resellers! Encourage your customers to sow Aussie wildflower seeds during Autumn and early Winter – with our Wildflower Seed Starter granules -…
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    Late Spring & Summer – Seasonal Selling Points

    Retail Nurseries: Encourage customers to sow Summer flowering seeds now – with our Wildflower Seed Starter granules.…
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    Events and Function Organisers – Weddings, Parties, Anything!

    Australian wildflower seeds in beautiful presentation packets can make a special and unusual memento for guests attending your Function or event. Light, compact, economical, attractive and different; they…

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